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Keywords Selection

What is a keyword

The keywords tag (an invisible part of your HTML page) is used by a meta capable search engines to help aid in indexing your web site. Search engines use this information to determine under what relevant queries your web site will come up under.

Since most searches are now done by combining word phrases,75% by recent studies, it is paramount to focus your efforts on keyword phrases that are best suited to to find your business/orginization. All search engine marketing begins with keyword research.

Cavalier Web Solutions will do the necessary keyword research to determine the best search engine and keyword phrases for your business.

Our Strategy

Cavalier Web Solutions finely tunes keywords and phrases to your web pages so that you can bring as many relevant visitors to your site as possible.

Keyword strategy is best developed during the site design process. However, if your site is published we will make slight correction that will enhance the optimization process.


We are able to research and analyze potential keywords for you while showing you exactly what the competition strategy is. The site will be optimized for one or two main keywords per web page creating optimum ranking and channeling targeted traffic.

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