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Drive thy business or it will drive thee.

Benjamin Franklin

Web Site Analysis Service

Can anyone find you?

If you can't find you web site on the Internet, it's a strong possibility that it has not been optimized for a particular search engine. Find out what you can do to increase your visibility.

We Can Help

Cavalier Web Solutions can provide your with a comprehensive analysis of your search engine standings.

This analysis is easily understood and gives recommendations on how to enhance the following ratings:

Keyword Selection
Keyword Placement
Link Exchange
Title Tags
Body Elements

Measured Results

Cavalier Web Solutions keeps detailed records on how our optimization has increased your sites positioning. When your campaign is finished, we provide accurate reporting which outlines the progress of your positions with the targeted search engines.

Monitoring The Google Shuffle/Dance

After initial goals are met, maintaining your presence is critical. We have monthly maintenance plans that take the guess work out of your position. Web page that are not performing well can be re-optimized and submitted.

You never know when the Google shuffle/dance (changes is search engine algorithms) will affect your position. We strive to be ready with correct answers and submission schedules that will keep you in the front of the competition.

Click here to receive a comprehensive analysis and free quote.